Buhay Party-list visits Cebu for National “Philippine for Life” Leaders’ Summit

Buhay Party-list visits Cebu for National “Philippine for Life” Leaders’ Summit

Cebu City, Philippines – With the conference entitled “Do or Die in 2013 and Beyond”, Philippine’s pro-life and good governance advocates were hand-in-hand to celebrate the National “Philippine for Life” Leaders’ Summit 2012.

Buhay Party-list Chairman, Lito Atienza, Jr. address the Filipinos’ responsibility to uphold faith and liberty as part of the Philippine Society with his talk entitled “The Role of Vigilance in Preserving Faith & Freedom”.

He reiterated the National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM 200) which is the Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests is one of the core agenda of Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill).

This policy named 13 least developed countries including the Philippines as “particularly problematic with respect to U.S. security interests” since “U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad”; meaning, the less mineral consumption from Filipinos, the more for favorable for US.

Chapter III of the report states that “Whether through government action, labor conflicts, sabotage, or civil disturbance, the smooth flow of needed materials will be jeopardized. Although population pressure is obviously not the only factor involved, these types of frustrations are much less likely under conditions of slow or zero population growth”

Atienza also shared that the bill will lead to abortion as countries that passed the said bill later on pass the legality of abortion.

“We are poor, yes, the economy is still down, yes but RH bill is not the solution,” he added.

On the other hand, he empowers local government such as the local law enforcements as accountable to keep their district’s peace and order to eliminate crime. He also explained the importance of two-party system in the government to clear out the best public servants from the rotten ones.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rene Josef Bullecer, tackled population as he discussed the Current Trends and Threats of the Human Population from NSSM 200 to Agenda 21. Former Senate or Kit Tatad was also present as he talked about “The State of Philippine Politics Today” while former Chief Justice Renato Corona discussed “Population & Good Governance: Real keys to Philippine Progress”.

Also present to grace the event are Most Rev. Juan de Dios M. Pueblos, DD, Most Rev. Ramon C. Arquelles, DD, Archbishop of Lipa and Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, DD.

Most Rev. Jose S. Palma, DD CBCP President and Archbishop of Cebu was also present to address “Authentic Christian Citizenship; Call of the Hour”.

Other attendees were Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama, Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes, Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Paz Radaza, Rep. Cutie del Mar (Cebu City North), Rep. Pablo John Garcia (Cebu 4th District), Rep. Eduardo Gullas (Cebu 1st District), Rep. Liugi Quisumbing (Cebu 6th District), Rep. Arthur Yap (Bohol 3rd District), Rep. Rufus Rodriguez (CDO 1st District), Rep. Pablo Garcia (Cebu 4th District), Rep. Juan Ponce Enrile, Jr. Cagayan 1st District) and Rep. Mitos Magsaysay (Zambales 1st District)

The summit was held on November 16 and 17 at the Summit Circle Hotel ballroom and St. Teresa College auditorium respectively.

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